As flowers want to bloom,
so do human beings

With a profound knowledge and many years of practical experience, I carefully support and guide my clients through challenging phases in their life. I am grateful to witness how human beings bloom and blossom, finding back to their true power, their innate strength and their joy of life.

Your brain is much smarter than you think

Neurofeedback is based on most recent scientific findings. It helps balancing and optimizing the activities of your brain.

Regeneration and a lasting increase in brain capacity

Neurofeedback is based on the biological principle of self regulation. It supports your brain in becoming more efficient and capable of learning with less effort. By providing real-time feedback about the brain’s activity, its effectiveness can be increased in a sustainable way. Neurofeedback enables your nervous system to gain stability and brings you peace of mind.

Computer-assisted training of the brain waves

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG-Biofeedback or Neurotherapy, is a computer-assisted training of brain waves. Within a relatively short period of time, the brain learns to produce more of those brain waves which are needed for relaxed attention, creativity and top performance. At the same time, brain waves which cause stress, anxiety or depression are attenuated.

During a Neurofeedback training, the brain waves are continuously measured and analyzed by a sophisticated sensory system. The trainee gets audio-visual feedback in real time about his own brain activity. In this way, the brain learns to optimize itself in a natural and very efficient way.


Stability and performance thanks to Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback helps your nervous system to gradually attain stability, a stable balance and inner peace. You reach a state of equanimity and clarity, and you regain the capability to center and focus on what is truly important to you.


Neurofeedback is a training of brain waves by means of real time audio-visual feedback.

Neurofeedback helps your brain increase its capacity, regenerate and reorganize.

A wide range of applications

Thanks to the universal principle of self regulation – the brain learns through feedback about its performance in real time – Neurofeedback is valuable in relieving many types of discomfort as well as for peak performance training.

Neurofeedback can be applied in cases of learning difficulties, learning disorders, problems of memory and concentration, ADS, ADHS, distractibility, exam nerves, any kind of stress, burnout, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, some kinds of headache and migraine, erratic mood swings, poor impulse control, some anxieties, depression, depressive mood, bruxism, tinnitus, autism, epilepsy. Neurofeedback can also be useful in the rehabilitation after a stroke.

Neurofeedback is equally helpful for adults, adolescents and children.

Increasing the blood flow in the frontal lobe with HEG-Biofeedback 

More power in the frontal cortex

HEG-Biofeedback is used to activate the frontal cortex. Specifically, the blood flow in the frontal lobe is increased, which leads to a better availability of oxygen, glucose and other important nutrients.

The frontal cortex is of high importance for several central processes determining our ability to learn. It impacts our memory, behavior and the executive functions of the brain. Besides, HEG-Biofeedback is applied successfully in case of certain forms of headache and migraine.

HEG-Biofeedback is often applied in combination with Neurofeedback.


Temperature in the frontal lobe before and after a series of HEG-trainings. The intensified blood flow in the frontal cortex is clearly visible.

From a precise analysis of the brain waves towards a highly individual and effective Neurofeedback training

Detailed information about the functioning of the brain

qEEG is a brain wave measurement technique providing detailed information about various brain functions. The abbreviation stands for quantitative electroencephalography.

qEEG delivers specific information about the state of the most important brain functions such as perception, processing of information, long- and short-term memory as well as about the executive functions of the brain.


qEEG is a technique to analyze brain waves. It delivers quantitative information about the functioning of the brain. By comparing measurement results with a normative database, individual brain wave patterns become visible.

Precise analysis using a reference database

qEEG uses 19 sensors to record the brain wave spectrum. Measurements are made in different states of being such as in a resting state or in certain situations of activity. Thanks to the detailed analysis of the brain waves in different situations of activity, the functioning of different cortical levels can be evaluated. The obtained results are compared with a reference database. Subsequently, differences to a peer group are calculated, revealing detailed information about the functioning of the brain.

qEEG as a planning instrument for a Neurofeedback training

Recently, research has shown that certain dysfunctions like ADHS, depression or learning disabilities are associated with specific patterns of evoked potentials (ERP). Evoked potentials are considered reliable markers of functions or dysfunctions of the brain. In case of ADHS, a qEEG analysis can for instance provide information about the subtype of ADHS and give important hints for therapeutic measures. Accordingly, a specific and effective Neurofeedback training can be planned.


A qEEG analysis shows in 3D which brain waves are produced in the various regions of the brain. This information is useful for the detection of causes of dysfunctions and important for the planning of a subsequent Neurofeedback training.

Complementary therapies

Eastern and western cultures have found different holistic therapies to support and guide human beings on their journey through life. Core Energetics® and meditation deal with the very human essence, inner conflicts of human beings as well as their growth processes on all levels of existence. Somatic Experiencing® is a powerful approach to process a traumatic experience in the body.

Core Energetics: Heal old wounds and create a new quality of life

Core Energetics® is a body-oriented method of psychotherapy. It aims for the optimal unfolding of the human potential to bring forward the essence of being. The core assumptions of Core Energetics are as follows:

  • Human beings are psychosomatic entities

  • The source of healing is within

  • All that exists is one

Through Core Energetics, restricted energies can be unblocked and old wounds be healed. More joy, love, spontaneity, a better health and feelings of fulfillment permeate your life.


Core Energetics is a powerful tool to support adolescents and adults on their individual path and to guide human beings through crises or other difficult periods in their life.

Somatic Experiencing: A natural way to deal with a traumatic experience

Animals living in the wild are able to naturally process a life-threatening situation and are rarely traumatized. Based on the same sprit, Somatic Experiencing® is a profound method to process frightening and shocking experiences such as a trauma.

In a life-threatening situation, the human body mobilizes a huge amount of energy. This natural process used to be essential for survival of our ancestors and still is for people in war scenes or e.g. earthquake victims.

Animals have a natural regulation system to discharge the mobilized survival energy as soon as they are out of danger. Humans principally have this instinctive capability, too. However, most humans lost this capability and are unable to discharge the enormous stress energy once they are out of danger. Consequently, this energy freezes in the nervous system and can cause posttraumatic stress disorders.

Somatic Experiencing is a profound way to heal a traumatic experience by gradually discharging the huge amount of survival energy. The natural survival reaction can come to an end. Like this, the nervous system relaxes and gets back its true flexibility. The symptoms of a trauma disappear.


Animals living in the wild have a natural regulation system to mobilize a huge amount of energy for either fight or flight in case of danger and can discharge this survival energy as soon as they are out of danger. Somatic Experiencing is based on the same spirit, and makes this natural mechanism available for human beings.


Meditation: A pathway towards inner peace and awareness

The longing to discover who we really are exists in each of us. Meditation can give one possible answer. Meditation is a spiritual path to the source of oneself, opening a space of great clarity and deep awareness. During meditation, your attention shifts from everyday life to the real world of your being.

By allowing yourself to deeply relax, you are able to get in touch with your real being. You let go your thoughts, emotions, and concerns. You experience deep inner peace. Your awareness opens up and you find access to hidden resources of your being.

Unlike Core Energetics and Somatic Experiencing, Source Connection offers meditation sessions in German only.

Hanna Hänseler

Hanna Hänseler

Self-employed therapist since 1996

I have studied the nature of human beings and their conflicts and growth processes on a psychological, mental and emotional level for many decades.

After more than ten years as a self-employed Neurofeedback practitioner, I am still deeply touched and delighted by the effectiveness of this fascinating method. It is a great pleasure to witness how people flourish just like flowers in spring and to contemplate how they make their way towards a new life.

During many years, I professionally employed a range of complementary eastern and western healing methods, too.

In my practice, I support people on their unique journey through life in a holistic way.

Full biography available in German.

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